Aavegotchi X Sandbox Experience

Bringing Aavegotchi into the Sandbox will contribute to achieve Aavegotchi three main focuses of 2023: Player growth, Partnerships and Decentralization.


January Proof Of Concept (POC) Release

From the idea to the Community

During the last few weeks, the Gotchi French Army (GFA) community team built in the shadow the Aavegotchi X Sandbox Proof Of Concept (POC) experience. This is an original GFA idea which was brought to Pixelcraft (PC) during Q4 2022 with already some promising visuals of the concept.

The team working on this project is constituted by 8 Aavegotchi lovers :

The release of this experience during the 14th of January hangout was a massive relief for us as we kept this surprise for the Gotchigang for a long time. We are glad we received so much great feedback from you and from projects’ OGs. It seems we are on the right track …

Live gameplay event Typeform Stats

Aavegotchi X Sandbox Experience Vision

As described in the Aavegotchi 2023 roadmap, PC is talking about “ The development of Games and features that will attract new players” and bring new game studios Partnerships and integrations…

That’s exactly what we are willing to fulfill with this process of creation and collaboration with The Sandbox team : 

  • Bring Aavegotchi to one of the top metaverse project in the crypto space
  • Deliver a marketing product that would bring more light to the Aavegotchi project
  • Provide educational content about Aavegotchi to The Sandbox player base in order to discover Aavegotchi project features, mechanics and narrative 
  • Onboard new Gotchigang members / communities by discovering Aavegotchi project

The Aavegotchi Citaadel in the Sandbox

To be clear, we don’t want to replace the actual Gotchiverse in the Sandbox. WE LOVE the Gotchiverse the way it is and will be.  It would be a showcase of the Aavegotchi ecosystem through the Sandbox project with associated metrics :

  • 1M Followers on twitter
  • 40k daily users during the alpha season 3
  • Large KYC user Base

PC is ready to engage in a process of sharing new features and narrative teasing in this Sandbox experience. Now that main ideas and designs have received massive support from the community, the GFA team has big ambitions for the whole Experience to be created ….

Visual Environments and Gameplay

For the main experience we want to greatly improve and extend the designs and narratives to reflect all the mechanisms and interactions that we can and will be able to have in the Aavegotchi universe. 

Original Alpha Harvester from the Gotchiverse in The Sandbox experience

Please find below a non exhaustive list of the elements that are shortlisted to be included in the experience :

  • Out of the Citaadel environments : Tree Of Fud …
  • The Aarena with associated Gameplay
  • Implement an NFT Gallery in order to display the Fake Gotchi curated creations
  • The forge with the mechanism of smelting and forge wearable
  • Create a Guild dedicated space representing Aavegotchi active guilds
  • Easter Eggs and surprises …

We can’t reveal everything here but don’t worry, great stories are coming …

The new release of the GameMaker 0.8 (January 2023) is bringing major changes in the process of creation. But it’s offering many possibilities for the gameplay and the mechanisms to be implemented that we are going to use … but it’s a surprise … A clue ? You are not ready … 

WEN ? Tell us more !

Let’s onboard the whole Gotchigang in this adventure !

Brainstorming sessions with the gotchigang would also allow us to find ways to keep the Aavegotchi community involved in some ways in the process of creation (Specific Aavegotchi events / streams / blog content / typeform and survey / …). Any ideas frens ?

Next phase of this project is the submission of the official Forum discussion for the creation of the Official Aavegotchi X Sandbox experience … and here it is :
Official Forum : https://dao.aavegotchi.com/t/aavegotchi-x-sandbox-experience-proposal/4637
Discord Discussion : https://discord.com/channels/732491344970383370/1070492453846654977

This proposal provides all details about the vision for this project (The Team, the process of creation, Funding, …). Head there to share your point of view and feedbacks in order to be able to put this project in motion. If this proposal pass, we are planning to release this experience by the end of Q2 2023 in order to make sure the launch is made in accordance with The Sanbox Calendar and Aavegotchi standards … meaning AWESOME!
Stay tuned as more alpha could be released in the coming days and week 😉 

Take care Frens and WAGMI Aavegotchi 💪

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